Technology and System Assessment


The transition to “net-zero-greenhouse-gas-emissions” by 2050 and net-negative beyond 2050 must be planned using solid scientific evidence to design optimal decarbonisation technologies and pathways, underpin investments and decision-making, and avoid lock-in-effects that would hamper reaching climate goals. Hence, technology and systems assessments are key instruments to guide public and private policy and decision making. These assessments include mathematical and process modelling, to analyse technology performance and how process parameters impacts this, techno-economic assessments (TEA) to identify economic implications and life cycle assessments (LCA) to examine environmental consequences. All this information is used in network modelling activities that provide master planning for the decarbonisation of regions, industrial clusters or sectors. At RCCS, we perform technology and system assessments supported by the development of cutting-edge engineering methods to advance this constantly changing research field.