The aim of USorb-DAC is to better understand how to scale-up direct air capture while considering affordability and capture performance.

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The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment


The goal of process modelling in USorb-DAC is to assess the energy consumption versus the productivity achieved by promising DAC materials predicted and/or synthesized by the USorb-DAC team. A temperature vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) process is used in the process model. A binary N2-CO2 adsorption model with a post-processing water step is used to account for humidity present in the ambient air. As water adsorbs well to many CO2 adsorbents, understanding it’s affects on process performance is essential. One goal of USorb-DAC is to better quantify the effect of water through expanding the water and CO2-water co-adsorption isotherm database, enabling us to predict the productivity and energy consumption of DAC adsorbents more accurately.

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