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An interdisciplinary, innovative, and international leading centre for research at the interface
between science and engineering for the wider deployment of carbon solutions for global challenges.

What We Can Offer

  • Our international network is one of the important drivers that help us to accelerate the technological innovation needed for the wider deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). Our collaborative research projects with academic and industry partners are great opportunities to allow our members to offer their expertise to solve real problems. The centre aims to offer:

    • Cross-disciplinary research
    • Network
    • Facilities
    • Management & Expertise with SMEs
    • Wide Range of Expertise

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  • We warmly welcome highly motivated, bright and enthusiastic candidates who wish to enhance further their research career. Our mission is to attract talent and train and support young proactive researchers in the area of CCUS, who can make a significant impact in finding solutions in climate change and protecting the planet. The main areas of interest include:

    • Carbon Capture Technologies
    • Flow Measurement and Transport Technology
    • CO2 Utilisation
    • CO2 Storage
    • Renewable Energy Resources
    • Energy and Sustainability

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  • Our research group consists of internationally recognized academics in various areas of capture, utilisation, storage and clean energy technologies. We offer a wide range and experimental and numerical projects at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels, while providing opportunities to our students to collaborate with our industrial and academic partners. Visit the following webpages to know more about our programmes and funding opportunities if you are interested to further your study with us.

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