Dr. Matthew Garvin

Research Associate

School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Institute of Mechanical, Process & Energy Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, UK


Matthew completed his PhD in chemical engineering in 2024, where he developed his skills in materials development and characterization. His thesis titled “MOF-based materials for the Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2” focused on combining metal-organic frameworks with metal oxide semiconductors to enhance their photocatalytic performance.

Since joining RCCS as a research associate, Matthew’s work has focused on testing potential sorbents for both direct-air capture and point source capture of CO2. Alongside this work, Matthew has guided research into the development of monolith coating methodology and the implementation of structured sorbent testing.

Roles & Responsibilities

Research interests

Carbon capture; Direct-air capture; Metal-organic frameworks; Amine-functionalised sorbents; Monoliths; Structured sorbents