Visiting : Dr Maria Teresa Izquierdo

We are pleased to announce that Dr Maria Teresa Izquierdo is visiting RCCS for three months starting from early July. Here is a short introduction to Dr. Izquierdo:

Dr. Maria Teresa Izquierdo is a senior researcher, head of the Energy and Environment department at Instituto de Carboquimica (ICB), belonging to the Spanish Research National Council (CSIC). Her research focus on the development of processes and materials (sorbents, catalysts and oxygen carriers) for sustainable energy production: clean coal technologies (flue gas treatment, CO2 capture) and, lately, biomass. The research is carried out in the Combustion and Gasification Group.  The group has a longstanding experience on research concerning combustion and gasification in bubbling and circulating fluidised beds, as well as in the hot gas-cleaning processes related with sulphur compounds (SO2, H2S, etc.). Over the last years, the research of the group has been focused on the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere coming from power plants, particularly on the development of new combustion processes allowing a low-cost CO2 capture, and new technology for H2 generation without CO2 emissions.

The aim during the three months research stay of Dr. Izquierdo (July-September) is to contribute to enhancing the CO2 capture by Li-based sorbents at high temperature and establish a profitable relationship between both research groups.

If you wish to know more about Dr. Izquierdo, please visit the following links : 

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