Tasty food fuelled research collaboration between CATMAT and RCCS

Collaboration between RCCS and the CATMAT group at Ca’ Foscari University (Venice, Italy) was strengthened through a joint project that aims to understand the effects of mixed metal oxides on silica supports for CO2 photoreduction. Two weeks of experimental work was carried out by CATMAT members: Alberto Olivo, Alberto Palazzi, Denny Zanardo and from RCCS: Warren Thompson at the CATMAT laboratory in Venice. Their joint interest in photochemistry was not the only thing that brought these two groups together as many very tasty meals were shared together. The experience was most memorable for RCCS member Warren and he had the following to say about the trip, ‘Punctuating the day with so many delicious treats shared with the fun, friendly and warm CATMAT team made completing the experimental work a breeze.’ The collaboration was made possible by both Prof. Michela Signoretto and Prof. Mercedes Maroto-Valer’s joint support. Both the CATMAT and RCCS groups look forward to ongoing collaboration and complimenting each other’s research efforts.