RCCS Research Associate at H2FC SUPERGEN 2019 Conference: A vision for hydrogen and fuel cells in the UK

Dr. Waqas Hassan Tanveer, from the RCCS Low Carbon Systems & Utilization Team, represented Heriot Watt University at the H2FC Supergen Conference 2019, held at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, from 30th Jan – 01st Feb, 2019.

Dr. Waqas had the opportunity to network with the academic (i.e. Imperial College London, Newcastle University, University of St. Andrews, Cranfield University, University of Birmingham) and industrial (i.e. Johnson Matthey, Ceres Power, E4tech, ITM Power) key players in H2 fuel cell and electrolysers market. The expert presentations discussed where the SOC technology stands at the moment and how inter-sectoral collaboration, especially in the UK, is paving ways to raise the TRL of the H2 and fuel cells, in order to achieve green energy security throughout the region.

Dr. Waqas shared the work regarding H2 rich low carbon fuels for UK aviation industry being done at RCCS. The idea sharing platform provided by this high-quality conference, sprouted a keen interest from academia and industry alike, for possible future collaborations with RCCS.