SCOPE (Sustainable OPEration of post-combustion Capture plants) aims to create environmentally friendly and cost-effective processes for carbon capture by making available recommendations on methods of reducing emissions based on representative pilot facility testing, simulations, cost-benefit analyses and case studies for the design and operation of amine scrubs for carbon capture and the approval process.

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ACT (Accelerating CCS Technologies) program
September 2021 - September 2024


Among various CO2 capture technologies, CO2 absorption in aqueous amine solutions stands out as the most extensively utilized process for large-scale point-source emitters. CESAR1, an aqueous blend of 2-amino-2-methyl propanol (AMP) and piperazine (PZ), presents enhanced properties representative of advanced solvent systems, and, consequently, serves as a more credible benchmark in comparison to conventional monoethanolamine (MEA). Since its development in the framework of the European Union project CESAR [1], this non-proprietary solvent has undergone extensive testing. Testing programs for CESAR1 have been conducted at various facilities, including the Technology Centre Mongstad (Norway), the SINTEF pilot rig at Tiller, Trondheim (Norway), the RWE’s Innovation Centre at Niederaussem (Germany), and the PACT facilities at Sheffield (UK). The technology, however, comes with challenges, particularly cornering solvent emissions and solvent degradation arising from undesired side reactions.
The ACT-funded project SCOPE, which stands for Sustainable OPEration of post-combustion Capture plants, aims at addressing these challenges, by conducting real-life testing of individual emissions mitigation technologies in industrial environments representative of a diverse range of end-users, developing advanced thermodynamic models for emissions prediction and conducting techno-economic assessments. This comprehensive analysis is expected to provide valuable insights for decision-makers in industries characterised by substantial CO2 emissions, aiding them in making well-informed choices that effectively balance economic considerations with environmental sustainability.

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