Co-deployment of Enhanced Weathering, Biochar, and Afforestation


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HWU / The Future Forest Company
01/10/2020 - 01/10/2024


This project aims to understand the feasibility of combining three different carbon dioxide removal techniques: enhanced weathering, afforestation/reforestation and biochar. To achieve this, a field experiment combining different treatments will be carried out in the study area in the Isle of Mull. Previous studies on the field explore the potential of applying enhanced weathering on agricultural land, but there is a knowledge gap when it comes to doing enhanced weathering on forested areas. The aim of this project is to undertake field scale experimentation to understand the potential of co-deployment of enhanced weathering, biochar and afforestation.

Project Publications

Hartmann, J. West, J. Renforth, P. Köhler, P. De La Rocha, C. Wolf-Gladrow, D. Dürr, H. Scheffran, J. Enhanced Chemical Weathering – as a sink for Carbon Dioxide, a Nutrient Source and a Strategy to Mitigate Ocean Acidification. Reviews of Geophysics 51 (2) 113-149. 10.1002/rog.20004

Pogge von Strandmann; P.A.E., Renforth, P. West A.J. Murphy M.; Liu T.; Henderson G.M. Using lithium and magnesium isotopes to monitor olivine addition in soil core weathering experiments. Chemical Geology. 560 120008.

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