PrISMa researcher receives award to strengthen collaborations within the ACT programme


 PrISMa researcher, Dr Charithea Charalambous, who is the PrISMa Technical lead for the Process modelling activities at Heriot-Watt University, was awarded an Early Career Researcher Collaboration Fund Award by the UKCCSRC (UK Carbon Capture and Storage Centre). The funded study was conducted by Dr Charalambous at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and aimed to collect essential vapor-liquid equilibrium data of different amine solutions that are currently lacking in the literature. This study is following up from the collaborative work previously conducted between the ACT-1 ALIGN-CCUS project (website here) and by EPFL and Heriot-Watt University as part of the ACT-2 PrISMa project (link here) for predicting amine-based emissions from amine-based carbon capture plants. Currently, there is a lack of crucial experimental data at low concentrations of amines needed for predicting the performance of these systems. Due to the lack of these data, EPFL and Heriot-Watt University worked on forecasting amine emissions from a carbon capture plant applying deep learning approaches (link here) on pilot plant data measured in the ALIGN-CCUS project. The new data acquired by Dr Charalambous at NTNU will be used in the following up ACT-3 project SCOPE (website here). This data is also key for developing a rigorous design of water wash systems in amine-based carbon capture technologies aiming to reduce solvent emissions to the atmosphere.

To find out more please read Charithea’s blog on the UKCCSRC website here.