PhD Student visited Zhejiang University



Heriot-Watt Mechanical Engineering PhD research student Muhammad Farooq successfully completed a research exchange program atZhejiang University Hangzhou, China. The visit was sponsored by the EU C02-TRIP Project ‘’Long-term research activities in the area of advanced CO2 Capture Technologies for Clean Coal Energy Generation”.

During his stay, Mr. Farooq presented a seminar of his PhD research findings titled ‘’Physical Adsorption of CO2 by Electro-conductive Activated Carbon Scrubbers‘’ at Institute for Thermal Power Engineering, Department of Energy Engineering and conducted various research experiments on CO2 adsorption at Key State Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization.

After his visit, Mr. Farooq said that ‘‘I benefitted considerably from the opportunity and the experience. This was a tremendous opportunity for me to work under multi exchange research collaboration. My interaction with the range of CCS specialists contributed towards enriching and broadening my vision, giving new perspectives to my research. It also upgraded my research profile and made me realize the extent our research at Heriot-watt is in the vanguard of technological advancement in the field.”