Shima Ghanaatian won two awards at the 2020 Young Persons’ Lecture Competition (YPLC)

Our PhD student Shima Ghanaatian, was selected as the Scotland’s finalist (1st place) in the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition (YPLC)-2020 Local Heat held on 28th February at University of St Andrews. She also won 3rd place in the UK national final which was held virtual on 23rd of September. YPLC is an annual competition to recognize the best young person in delivering a lecture on a subject related to one of the areas of materials, minerals, mining, packaging, clay technology and wood science. Candidates competed in a series of heats across the UK organised by local affiliated societies of the Institute, from which six regional candidates are selected.

Shima was selected as the Scotland’s finalist ( to compete with other finalists from six different regions within the UK. She successfully delivered her presentation on “How can we securely store CO2 in geological formations to address the global warming challenge?” and could achieve 3rd place in this prestigious competition among seven finalists across the UK ( The competition was sponsored by The Armourers & Brasiers’ Company, the Midland Institute of Mining Engineers (MIME) and the East Midlands Materials Society (EMMS). 

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