Nuffield Placement


Alexander Robson with his poster presentation during the Nuffield Celebration Event celebrated on the 6th September 2013 at the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh).

Alexander Robson has had a very successful and enjoyable Nuffield Placement at the Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS). Alexander, a student from St Augustine’s RC High School, visited CICCS for five weeks between July and August 2013. During this time Alexander had the opportunity to get involved with some of the research activities of the centre. In particular, he has worked on the synthesis of novel titania-based photocatalytic materials to improve CO2 photo-reduction into fuels under the supervision of Dr Yolanda Fernandez Diez, a staff member of CICCS. Alexander has also acquired knowledge of different characterization techniques and real work experience within a professional research team. It has been a very fruitful experience for both sides.

“My time as a researcher at CICCS gave me great insight into what it is like to be a chemical engineer” – said Alexander.

We are sure that the knowledge and skills learnt at CICCS will be very valuable for Alexander in his professional career!