New PhD Researcher

In 2014 Giuseppe obtained a MEng in Chemical Engineering at University of Calabria (Italy) with the thesis “Experimental and modelling analysis of the Water Gas Shift Reaction in dense Pd-Ag membrane reactor for hydrogen production” in collaboration with the Institute on Membrane Technology of the Italian National Research Council (ITM-CNR). He studied the influence of operating condition on the system in terms of CO conversion and hydrogen recovery. Furthermore, the experimental data were used to feed an artificial neural network (ANN) for process modeling. The ANN model was developed for optimising the system to achieve maximum high hydrogen recovery. He continued to work in ITM-CNR until June 2016, in particular investigating the bio-ethanol steam reforming reaction using Pd-based membrane reactor for hydrogen production. Different membrane types: commercial dense Pd-Ag self-supported and composite dense Pd-based membrane were investigated. He co-authored 4 scientific papers, 1 book chapter and 5 conferences proceedings. Currently, he is starting a PhD with the aim to integrate catalytic membrane reactors in bio-refineries.

 Office: JN3.03