Dr Patricia Cordoba attending the 6th World of Coal Ash conference


Dr Patricia Cordoba attended the 6th World of Coal Ash (WOCA) conference in Nashville, Tennessee from 4 to 7 May, 2015. Dr Patricia Cordoba attended as speaker to the conference to present her work “Speciation and Fate of Mercury under oxy-fuel conditions”.


The World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA) is an international conference organized by the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). The American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) is the leading industry voice for issues pertaining to beneficial use of coal combustion products (CCPs). Members include producers, marketers, end-users, researchers and others who support the management and use of CCPs in ways that are technically sound, commercially competitive and environmentally safe. The University of Kentucky’s Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) is an internationally-known leader in coal combustion by-products research. The 2015 conference marked the two organizations’ sixth joint biennial meeting. The WOCA conference focuses on the utilization of coal ash and flue gas desulfurization materials and covers sustainable projects using CCPs, emerging technologies, general ash management, mercury related topics, recent research and specific case studies, international activities and regulatory topics from the local, state and federal perspectives.