Visiting : Dr Fernando Vega Borrero


We are pleased to announce that Dr Fernando Vega Borrero is visiting RCCS for three months under the supervision of Prof. Mercedes. This is Fernando’s second visit to the Group, he previously visited in 2013 as a visiting PhD student. Here is a short introduction to Dr Fernando:

Dr. Fernando finished his Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Seville in 2007 and secured a research contract in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department, in which he developed a benchscale oxy-burners for pulverized coal combustion using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software (AnsysFluent). Following that he got involved in the COMPARAE project where the group erected a CO2 capture pilot plant to study partial oxycombustion technology(construction finished in 2011). He was in charge of simulating a pulverized coal power plant using oxygen-enriched air (ASPEN Plus) and the management of the facility. He was also involved in several projects related to partial oxy-combustion technology deployment, namely HIBRICAP(2013-2015). In 2013, he collaborated with the Mercedes Maroto-Valer´s research group to study degradation of amine-based solvent and developing new solvent blends  under partial oxy-combustion conditions. He carried out several test campaign of the best-performance solvents in a lab-scale plant and obtained significant reductions of the CO2, a total of 3 patents related to this work were produced. Currently, he is involved in the OXYSOLVENT project which aims at carrying out several test campaigns at the CO2 capture pilot plant. The project will finish in the mid of 2018. In parallel, I collaborated as a coordinator from the Environmental and Process Engineering research group in the FP7 project O2Gen during 2013-2016 period. 

Research Interests: CCS, solvent degradation, partial oxy-combustion, CO2 absorption, process integration.