Congratulation on passing viva – Muhammad Farooq

Muhammad Farooq, Research Scholar of Mechanical Engineering, sailed through his PhD viva on 3rd October 2017 with an accomplishing flair.  His research project was focused on “In-situ Regeneration of Adsorbent for the Biogas clean-up system” at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, UK. He has carried out ground-breaking research, which is reflected in his 6 peer-reviewed papers he has produced from his thesis work so far. He has also filed a patent for evaluation in July-2017. Farooq did his PhD under the supervision of Dr John M Andresen and is an active member of Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage(CICCS)[Rebranded as Research Centre for Carbon Solutions(RCCS)], headed by Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer

During 2014-17, he presented his cutting-edge research work at multiple International Conferences around the globe including USA, China, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary and Pakistan. He won numerous research exchange travel awards including Neilson Award, ECR Award by ADNET UK, Marie Curie Actions IRSES under CO2 TRIP PROJECT for Clean Coal Energy Generation and UK ESRN Award. In addition to research, he adroitly contributed his services, on various levels, towards organizing International Conferences including ‘’Invited Key-Note Speaker’’ at IBCE-2017 in Charlotte USA, ‘’Technical Committee Member’’ of ICREC-2017 in Perth Australia and ICREN 2018 in Barcelona Spain, as ‘’Chair of Technical Session -New trends in Biogas Production’’ at 3rd ICBM- 2017 in Netherlands and as ‘’Organizer’’ for SCCS Conference-2014 Edinburgh, UK. He is also a member of miscellaneous research organizations including UK ADNET, UK CCSRC, PHYCONET, CBM NETWORK.

Farooq said ‘’It was long adventurous journey till I reached the destination and It made me realize how our research at RCCS Heriot-Watt is contributing to the practical implications in sustainable development. I am indebted to the support of all colleagues, friends and especially my family.”