CICCS Team Members Work with Local High School

Two members of the CICCS team were able to take time out their studies to volunteer at local high school last week. The event, organized by ProScience, was to help inspire students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The event took place at Firrhill High School, in the west side of Edinburgh, less than five miles away from the Heriot-Watt CICCS campus. The two volunteers, Yolanda Fernandez-Diez and Schuyler Ingram, gave speeches to groups of students about the work they do and what led them to pursue their research.

By reaching out to students in their S3 and S4 years, the CICCS programme hopes to ensure that the next generation will be able to further build on the environmental work currently being done. It is important that future generations are prepared to protect the environment with technologies and scientific breakthroughs still forthcoming. In all, both of the CICCS’s staff were able to speak to over one hundred students.

Just as CICCS is determined to bring the best researchers together today, the volunteers manifested CICCS’s desire to make sure the best researchers are ready for the environmental problems of the future. Thanks are offered to the ProScience and Firrhill High School staff for inviting the researchers to such a well-organized event.