CICCS at the 2nd International Sulcis CCS Summer School



The 5-day event (14-18 July) opened with a 1 day workshop on CO2 emission reduction through improving of power generation efficiency organised by the IEA Clean Coal Centre. This was followed by a 4 days School on Carbon Capture and Storage where Dr Aimaro Sanna delivered lectures on pre-combustion CO2 capture and Mineral Carbonation Technologies.


Aimaro said: “It was a perfect occasion to network with Sotacarbo and other European researchers on potential collaborations on CCS and of course, to make new friends! I am sure next year will be even more exciting.” 


The Sulcis Summer School organised by Sotacarbo, the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA) and the University of Cagliari attracted about 30 candidates from around Europe,  with a programme that covered the range of techniques developed for the capture, transport, and geological storage of CO2. Among the activities, the students had the chance to visit the Sotacarbo gasification pilot platform, their laboratories and the museum dedicated to the disused Sebariu coal mine.  Thanks to the commitment of the Italian government, Sotacarbo is becoming the Italian leading centre for the development of CCS technologies.