Viktoriia Kulakova

Viktoriia Kulakova      PhD Student

School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Institute of Mechanical, Process & Energy Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, UK



    Office: DB 2.56F

    Phone: TBC






Viktoriia completed her MSc degree in Chemical Technology of Fuels and Carbon materials under supervision of Prof. L. F. Butuzova at Donetsk National Technical University. After her graduation, she has awarded with an honourable diploma for the high-level of her dissertation.
She has great achievements related to the research activities: a winner of all Ukrainian scientific works on the speciality Chemical Technology, a diploma given by minister of education of Ukraine for outstanding scientific research, a diploma for the best oral communication presented in the Ukrainian scientific conference “Environmental Protection and Rational Utilization of Natural Resources”. She has personal achievements related to the leisure activities: a winner of sport competition in standing jumping and abdominal exercise.
Viktoriia has a wide educational and personal experience abroad. She was awarded with a European Union Grant to do scientific research at University of A Coruña, Spain. She did a research stay in the refinery “Complejo industrial de Repsol”. Later, she joined the Spanish National Research Council, Instituto de Carboquimica (ICB-CSIC), Environmental Research Group.
Staying overseas, she has been involved in two distinct European projects: 1) TEMPO-project, in which her main activities included comparison of the coal-derived liquids and petrochemical products for possible production of high-quality liquid motor fuels and valuable chemical products from low-quality coals; 2) FLEDGED-project, where she focused on the modelling of an intensified biomass gasification process, gasification testing in a 20kW bubbling fluidized bed reactor, and comparison predicted results with experimental data.


Research Interests:

Her main research areas are Metal-organic frameworks, CO2 capture, breakthrough curves, dynamic adsorption, post-combustion, wet flue gas. 



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