RCCS Group Awarded Sustainable Futures Award

The Geochemical CDR group within RCCS was honoured to be awarded the Sustainable Futures Award at Heriot-Watt’s Principal’s Research Impact and Engagement (PRIME) Awards on 12th June 2024. The award honours research projects and teams that demonstrate exemplary commitment to sustainability by actively engaging stakeholders, communities or industry partners in the planning, execution, and dissemination of research. The award acknowledges efforts to ensure that research endeavours are not only scientifically robust but also address pressing environmental, social and economic challenges, thereby contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Prof Phil Renforth and several members of his team can be seen above accepting the award above. The team is committed to continuing their research to inform all aspects of the rapidly growing CDR industry, in order to safely and effectively combat climate change.

The Energy Materials and Technology group within RCCS was also shortlisted for the Sustainable Futures Award, further demonstrating the quality of research within the research centre.

More information about the impactful work ongoing across the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions can be found on the website under research themes: https://rccs.hw.ac.uk/research-theme/