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PhD Study with RCCS

We offer PhD projects to UK/EU and international students in various areas that fall in the research activities with the Centre. Most of these projects are identified as potentially having studentship support, either by EPSRC which may be restricted to UK/EU students only or international studentships. However, projects could equally run with students supported by other means (e.g. overseas students with own scholarships, self-funded, etc.) with an equivalent qualification.

To apply for our PhD programme, you will need to have a First or Upper Second class degree in a relevant subject such as Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical or Materials Engineering. Applications are matched with projects available.

Although the usual start date is in October, we can take students at other times of year. You can then find out more about how to apply HERE.

Want to know More? Read our completed list of PhD projects HERE

Other Scholarships Available

In addition to our PhD projects, there is a number of studentships available for a wide range of research topics. In this case, numbers are very limited and the competition is high. The studentships available include:
  • James Watt Scholarships [Usual application deadline 31st January]:

    These are University awards providing full university postgraduate fees and a contribution to maintenance costs for a maximum of three years. For further information please see: list of James Watt scholarship projects.

  • Tuition Fees Only Scholarships:

    The scholarships provide full international fees for up to three years. Please also visit Heriot-Watt scholarships page.

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