New Openings -  PhD in Chemical Engineering 

We have several exciting fully funded 3.5 years PhD projects at the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS), an internationally leading centre for researching solutions to mitigate climate change. The centre includes state of the art laboratories, servicing a dynamic community of students and researchers, and is based at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.  

1. Net-zero sustainable aviation fuel through catalytic co-valorisation of CO2 and biomass (EPS2022/34) - Prof. Mercedes Maroto-Valer

2. PhotoCatalytic Conversion of Biomass into Green Hydrogen (EPS2022/35) - Dr John Anderson

3. Novel tools to optimise the use of the subsurface to store carbon dioxide and hydrogen. (EPS2022/36) - Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer 

4. Process Informed-design of tailor-made sorbent materials for energy-efficient carbon capture (EPS2022/37) - Prof. Susana Garcia

5. Design and fabrication of solid-state flexible supercapacitors using high surface area based advanced materials (EPS2022/38) - Dr. Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu

6. Model development and simulation of novel processes for CO2 direct air capture from the atmosphere (EPS2022/39) - Dr. Mijndert van der Spek 

7. Evaluation of net-zero CO2 jet fuel options (EPS2022/40) - Dr. Mijndert van der Spek 

8. Assessing the potential of concrete for atmospheric CO2 removal (EPS2022/41) - Dr. Phil Renforth

All applicants must have or expect to have a 1st class MChem, MPhys, MSci, MEng or equivalent degree by Autumn 2022. Selection will be based on academic excellence and research potential, and all short-listed applicants will be interviewed (in person or via Microsoft Teams). Most of these scholarships are open to UK/EU applicants however applications may be accepted for exceptional overseas applicants. If you are unsure of your funding status, please contact the project supervisor, before submitting an application.

Applications must be made through the Heriot-Watt online application system

All applications must be received by Monday 28th February 2022. All successful candidates will usually be expected to commence their studies in September/October 2022.  

Read more here to find out about the application process.

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