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CO2 Storage

The CO2 storage laboratory is designated for the HPHT experiments to investigate the scenarios in the CO2 storage under reservoir pressure and temperature conditions including the CO2-brine-rock and/or CO2-brine-well cement interactions and CO2-SO2 co-injection in geological formations.


Main Equipment

HPHT Reactor Vessels

The storage laboratory includes 12 large vessels (with the volume 188 mL and operating pressure of maximum 270 bar) and 11 small vessels (with the volume 100 mL and operating pressure of maximum 250 bar). The temperature of the vessels could be controlled with thermal jackets specifically designed for the reactors. The jacket temperatures also set using the temperature control boxes...

HPHT CO2-SO2 co-injection set-up

The experimental set-up includes a gas manifold, booster, HPHT reactor vessel and auxiliary equipment to ensure the safe operation. The Parr reactor vessel supplied by Scientific and Medical Products Ltd (Cheadle, UK) is made of Hastelloy C276 with the volume of 600 mL and operating pressure of 345 bar, which can work under batch continuous stirring conditions from ambient temperatures up to 350 ̊C. 

Syringe Pump, Model Isco 260D

The Isco syringe pump designed specifically for refilling under high pressure to handle CO2 supercritical fluids. The specification of the pump includes pressure range up to 517 bar (7500 psi), capacity of 266 mL, a flow rate range from sub-microliter to 107 mL/min and operating temperature of 5 to 40 ̊C. 

If you are interested to know about this laboratory or a specific equipment, please contact Dr.Mahmoud Nazeri or Dr. Sean Higgins.


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