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CO2 Photoreduction Utilization

The CO2 Photoreduction Utilization laboratory’s vision is to engineer novel photoreactors and optimise processes for the photoreduction of CO2 towards alternative solar fuels. To achieve this the laboratory is fitted with state of the art analytical and process tools that is coupled with personnel with process optimisation and modelling experience.


Main Equipment

 Accurate and Reliable Analytical Tools for ppm analysis

  • Hiden Analytical mass spectrometer fitted with Faraday and SEM detectors for gas quantification
  • Agilent 7890B Series gas chromatograph, custom engineered by UK JSB for gas analysis, fitted with 2 x FID and 1 x TCD detectors

Precise and repeatable process control

  • Bronkhorst mass flow controller gas mixing system offering flow ranges as low as 0.014 ml.min-1 up to 500 L.min-1
  • A variety of humidification systems and in-house custom build photo-reactors
  • Omnicure S2000 UV light source fitted with optical fibre light guide

Capabilities and experience

  • Multiphysics modelling using COMSOL
  • In-house design aided by CAD for the construction of reactor systems
  • Process screening and optimisation using a Design of Experiments approach

If you are interested to know about this laboratory or a specific equipment, please contact Warren Thompson or Dr. Sean Higgins.


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