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    Extensive State-of-Art Equipment Covering CCS Chain
The Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS) at Heriot-Watt University has extensive state-of-the-art laboratory facilities covering the whole CCS chain, including equipment for capture, transport, storage, utilization and monitoring. The main equipment is listed below:

Gemini VII Surface Area Analyser (Micromeritics)

The Gemini VII analyser provides single and multipoint surface area and pore size measurements…

Frontier IR Single-Range Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer)

The Frontier Spectrometer provides IR analysis...

Regenerative activated carbon rig

The apparatus consists of stainless steel column (21.5mm I/D, 290mm length) with the glass wool and filter paper placed to avoid…

CM140 Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) Analyzer

CM140 Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) Analyser - Complete analytical system that allows the direct measurement of total inorganic…

HPHT Reactor Vessels

The storage laboratory includes 12 large vessels (with the volume 188 mL and operating pressure of maximum 270 bar) …

HPHT CO2-SO2 co-injection set-up

The experimental set-up includes a gas manifold, booster, HPHT reactor vessel and auxiliary equipment…

Accurate and Reliable Analytical Tools for ppm analysis

Hiden Analytical mass spectrometer fitted with Faraday and SEM detectors for gas quantification…

Form 1+ 3D printer

Microfluidic platform

TGA & TA Q500

The TGA measures weight changes in a material as a function of temperature (or time) under controlled atmosphere…

MS & MKS Cirrus

The atmospheric pressure gas monitoring Cirrus MS offers the versatility of state-of-the-art quadrupole mass spectrometry in…

Muffle Furnaces

Two Carbolite CWF high-temperature furnaces (up to 1100°C) with volumes of 5 and 13 litres and max power of …

CT scan

Up to 225 kV multi-metal reflection target Varian 14-bit detector, 2300 x 3200 pixels 5-axis manipulator, max. weight 15 kg Circular and helical sample analysis VG Studio’s 3D inspection / analysis software Inspect-X reconstruction software

Core Flood System

Specifications: 10,000 psi / 150°C Core: lengths <12” / ø 1”, 1 ½”, 2” Multi-tap pressure ports core holder Acoustic separator Flow 100 to 0.0001 ml/min

Metrohm 907 Autotitrator

High-end titrator for potentiometric and volumetric Karl Fischer titration with two measuring interfaces and Dosino dosing units.


The PULVERISETTE 2 & 6 classic line is a high-performance Planetary Ball Mill with a single grinding bowl mount and practical, easily adjustable imbalance compensation.


A laboratory fume hood is a type of ventilation system that primarily functions to provide personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapors and dust..

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Eppendorf 5804 centrifuge

This centrifuge can reach up to 11,000rpm (15,500 x g) with the current F-34-6-38 rotor. There are a large number of adapters and tubes that this rotor can take

DVS Vacuum

Surface Measurement Systems DVS Vacuum instrument (Dynamic Dual Vapour/Gas Vacuum Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer), utilises a gravimetric method to measure the dynamic or static sorption, co-sorption and/or desorption of a gas or vapour on a test material.

Gas Transport Rig

The Gravimetric Flow Rig is designed for metrological experiments, to evaluate the performance of Coriolis meters and orifice plate meters under supercritical, bubbly as well as two-phase flow conditions. The rig’s design allows for calibrating and evaluating the performance of CO2 flowmeters under conditions representative of CCS transport operations.

Photoreduction Rig

The in-house designed and constructed Photoreduction Rig allows for CO2 photocatalytic studies and screening, with the precise control of reaction parameters, specifically: irradiance, temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration.

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Extensive state-of-art equipment covering CCS Chain

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