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    Extensive State-of-Art Equipment Covering CCS Chain

Our Equipment

The Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS) at Heriot-Watt University has extensive state-of-the-art laboratory facilities covering the whole CCS chain, including equipment for capture, transport, storage, utilization and monitoring. The main equipment is listed below:

Gemini VII Surface Area Analyser (Micromeritics)

The Gemini VII analyser provides single and multipoint surface area and pore size measurements… Read More

Frontier IR Single-Range Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer)

The Frontier Spectrometer provides IR analysis... Read More

Regenerative activated carbon rig

The apparatus consists of stainless steel column (21.5mm I/D, 290mm length) with the glass wool and filter paper placed to avoid… Read More

Mass Spectrometer (MS) (The HPR-20)

The HPR-20 system and indeed most other systems from Hiden contain the following parts: MSIU… Read More

CM140 Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) Analyzer

CM140 Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) Analyser - Complete analytical system that allows the direct measurement of total inorganic… Read More

Solar Simulator Newport 92250A-1000

Class AAA solar simulator. Read More

Keithley Source Meter Keithley 2400

Keithley 2400 offers four-quadrant precision voltage and current source/load coupled with measurement … Read More

Electrochemical Workstation Autolab PGSTAT 302N

This high end, high current potentiostat/galvanostat, with a compliance voltage of 30 V and a bandwidth of… Read More

Electrochemical Workstation CHI660E

CHI 600E is for general purpose electrochemical measurements. Read More

HPHT Reactor Vessels

The storage laboratory includes 12 large vessels (with the volume 188 mL and operating pressure of maximum 270 bar) … Read More

HPHT CO2-SO2 co-injection set-up

The experimental set-up includes a gas manifold, booster, HPHT reactor vessel and auxiliary equipment… Read More

Syringe Pump, Model Isco 260D

The Isco syringe pump designed specifically for refilling under high pressure to handle CO2 supercritical fluids … Read More

Accurate and Reliable Analytical Tools for ppm analysis

Hiden Analytical mass spectrometer fitted with Faraday and SEM detectors for gas quantification… Read More

Precise and repeatable process control

Bronkhorst mass flow controller gas mixing system offering flow ranges as low as 0.014 ml.min-1 up to 500 L.min-1… Read More

Form 1+ 3D printer

Read More

Microfluidic platform

Read More

TGA & TA Q500

The TGA measures weight changes in a material as a function of temperature (or time) under controlled atmosphere… Read More

MS & MKS Cirrus

The atmospheric pressure gas monitoring Cirrus MS offers the versatility of state-of-the-art quadrupole mass spectrometry in… Read More

Muffle Furnaces

Two Carbolite CWF high-temperature furnaces (up to 1100°C) with volumes of 5 and 13 litres and max power of … Read More

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Extensive state-of-art equipment covering CCS Chain

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